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Leave what you think about beatboxing at the door, Reeps One is a vocal force. If you are unfamiliar, this walking, breathing sound system, he is the first to ever vocalise bass music in a way that has had producers and scientists alike scratching their heads and invariably dancing.
Reeps Is an acoustic instrument, a human that speaks electronic music and can stand up to the highest energy DJ’s in the world with a 45 minute solo set without a loop pedal in sight.


The show that Reeps One and Linden Jay put on together is something unique. Together, they have focused on pushing a solo beatboxing show to another level. Having done over 200 shows together in the UK, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Canada, Venezuela, Cyprus, Norway, Austria and France, the syncronicity between them in the live show is head turning.

Faced with the challenge of making one microphone sound like a fully produced track, Linden Jay uses unique and experimental production techniques on Reeps One's voice and this is really audible in their work.

Linden Jay produces Reeps One's voice live, bringing the best out of every musical idea and emotion in the set. With his musical background as opposed to engineering background, his ability to adapt, improvise and perform as an engineer sets him aside from others.

Caracas, Venezuela 2013

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